Oracle Not Upgrading Peoplesoft Anymore? Fugetaboutit!

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Oracle Not Upgrading Peoplesoft Anymore? “Fugetaboutit”!

There’s been a lot of talk about Peoplesoft 9.2 and how this will be the last major upgrade of Oracle’s flagship HR application. Long-time customers of ours have expressed concern Oracle may be sun-setting Peoplesoft and won’t be enhancing the applications or delivering new technology. A simple Google search for the term “Peoplesoft upgrade” or “the future of Peoplesoft” produces a gaggle of articles claiming “Release 9.2 is the last version of PeopleSoft, customers must decide whether to stay with Oracle” and “PeopleSoft 9.2, likely to be the last version released”.

This is simply not true.

Peoplesoft as we know it is as healthy as ever. Consider this:  Since its release in 2013, more than 750 new features have been delivered for Peoplesoft 9.2. About the same amount that would be delivered in a new ‘major’ release. Instead of being forced into a costly and time-consuming application upgrade as in the past, Oracle developed the Continuous Delivery Model to release new features on an ongoing basis instead on a typical release cycle of every two years.

We see this as forward-thinking and progressive. Ultimately, it solves the upgrade dilemma of whether to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade your ERP while disrupting the organization at the same time – not to say the threat of losing support if you don’t.

While the new kids on the block and their SaaS solutions have CIOs doing due-diligence whether to invest in an upgrade or replace Peoplesoft with an entirely new application, there still remain thousands of companies, universities, state and federal agencies committed to Peoplesoft for the future and for all the reasons that brought them to this solution in the first place. Flexible, scalable ERP that meets their business requirements and confidence it will support growth well into the future.  These are well-known global manufacturing companies, Ivy League Universities -and even the DOD paying hundreds of thousands of employees. These organizations are currently deep into projects to deploy Peoplesoft worldwide.  We can count on Oracle not wanting to upset this customer base and revenue stream. Learn more

According to Oracle’s Marc Weintraub, Senior Director of Production Strategy, “There are NO plans to end investment or de-support PeopleSoft”. Enhancements, updates and fixes will continue to be delivered every 8 weeks or so, and you decide if you want them or not through the Peoplesoft Selective Adoption process.

The choice is simple. Once on 9.2 there won’t be any more major upgrades as we know them.  Instead, we can enjoy the benefits of new features and technology on a regular basis without the “pain and pay” of the past. And, Oracle remains committed to the support of HR and Financials through 2027.

What’s not to love?


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