Post Installation Enhancements

Processing time within an application not what it should be? It could be those purge programs that were put on the back burner during the initial implementation.

Internal communications around business processes still too manual? Maybe it’s time to examine the benefits of Workflow.

Was the functionality of this process expected to improve in JDE? Perhaps you haven’t applied the latest software update or service pack.

These are examples of typical Post Install Enhancements and are often results of the Audit and Analysis process. In your drive to go live, there is a good chance your company focused on just installing the basiJDEcs. The main objective of the initial implementation may have been to, at the very least, replicate the functionality of your previous legacy system. That is a good approach since most projects have a timeline and budget with which to work. As a result, “workarounds” were created around some processes with the thought of improving and streamlining them in a post live environment — also a common approach.

West Lake’s solid understanding of the functionality within the J.D. Edwards modules can help your business maximize the efficiency of your software solution. By means of a thorough review of your processes and practices, we can recommend needed areas of improvement, outline an approach to re-engineer these processes and suggest better practices to achieve the efficiency you deserve from your investment. We will work alongside your users to implement these enhancements and ensure they position your solution and streamline it to a most efficient level of output. Once this occurs, your company will be better positioned for future functionality and growth.